Description of Technology

ASP technology is Klydon Gas proprietary technology and is used for the separation of the components of a specific gaseous compound.

The technology is based on centrifuge technology which utilises both the inherent mass difference and the molecular structural differences of the individual gas components of the gas compound.


Description of ASP  Technology Separation Process

During the ASP gas separation process , efficient gas separation is achieved , when process gas
is injected through the wall of a stationary ASP separation device container. (Figure A)

The injected process gas is then subjected to high-speed centrifugal rotation in the separation device container.

Figure A



The separation of the process gas components occurs close to the geometrical axis of the container where the different gas flow fractions are then harvested . The harvesting takes place at either end of the separation device.(Figure B)

Traditional centrifuge technology employs a fast rotating mechanical vessel, but the ASP stationary wall centrifuge technology relies instead on high-speed gas rotation through a static separator inside a static containment vessel.

The ASP separation process greatly reduces the number of moving parts used which directly lowers capital investment , operating costs and maintenance costs.

Figure B