ASP Commercialisation

Klydon takes cognizance of the fact that it operates in a highly regulated environment with technologies classified as "dual-use technologies" in terms of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) and that the legal framework for doing business internationally is still in the process of being established. Despite this, Klydon has put in place a number of strategic initiatives to accelerate the development of the ASP technology towards commercial realisation and to gear the organization for the exciting opportunities that beckon.




Klydon is registered as a holder of ASP Isotope Separation IP

IAEA is kept informed of Klydon’s R&D programs

IAEA has inspected Klydon’s facilities under the required IAEA Protocols


 ASP registered as “Dual Use”

Klydon was registered with the Council in April 2002 in terms of the Non-Proliferation Act as the user of “dual use” technology and this declaration has been updated in 2008 to include Uranium.  


The process for separation of gasses and mixtures of gasses with atomic mass of 50 or below is not controlled, as it is not of proliferation concern.

The gas flow mathematical model of ASP remains controlled.