3rd Party Verification

 ASP technology has undergone a number of technical reviews from international experts in the field of isotope separation, as well as a number investor due diligences [DTI (South African Department of Trade and Industry), TIA,IDC (South African Industrial Development Corporation) , IAEA (International Atomic Energy Association )etc. Due to the dual purpose nature of ASP technology these reports are classified; but can be made available in the due diligence phase of the proposed engagement.

The technical merits of ASP were subjected to local (Prof E Mulder of North West University; Prof ER Rohwer of Pretoria University; Mike Britton of the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (Necsa), the National Metrological Laboratory at the CSIR, and international (Prof William Happer of Princeton University USA, Prof Chaim Braun of Stanford University USA) scrutiny in technical due diligence processes and received the highest compliments and endorsements befitting for a “breakthrough” technology.
The financial and commercial due diligence and assessment of the different business ventures were established at a number of occasions by individuals and financial institutions of major standing: JP Morgan of New York; Price WaterHouse Coopers Inc. (PWC); Eric Lillford leading mineral economist, specially appointed consulting group to Department of Minerals and Energy; TSC Capital; Innovation Fund; Westinghouse of USA; Isosilicon of Norway; MEMC of USA; etc.
Download here a publication of the paper that was delivered at the 12th International Workshop on Separation Phenomena in Liquids and Gases, Basic phenomena and new trends in separation, in  June 2012 in Paris.